Smart ways to devastate the building’s plumbing system

Smart ways to devastate the building’s plumbing system

Smart ways to devastate the building’s plumbing system

Why should you do this?

A lot of people think that this might be not essential, but sometimes it’s the must-have procedure for every building. Take notes about the situations when you have to drain the pipes:

–    Putting in repair knocking issue

–    If you should close the building for a long period of time

–    For massive construction or maintenance of the piping system

Water Hammer

We also call it a hydraulic shock. When it happens you can hear the knock in the piping system, valves all at ones go on and go off and or the water begin and end up flow from the faucet. It always happens, when there is a lot of air in the plumbing system and it makes water wiggle in the pipes and knocks on them.  Despite the airbags inside the pipe, which should remove the air from it, too much air in the system can cause this noise. Draining can easily eliminate this problem.

Winter is coming!

If you live in the areas with the cold winters and the temperature might move below zero, you must drain the plumbing system in your house.  Ice might cause serious damage to the pipeline and lead to waterflood in your house, which can cost you a fortune!

Overhaul in the building

It’s obvious that mopping up is not the part of the major repair, although you might need it if you build and repair the basement or to replace the part of the broken pipe to avoid room flooded by the water from the system. Deaquation and refilling of the water system is a quite simple process. If won’t take much time. Here are a few tips for you to start:

Close the basic valve near the utility meter

Open every sink faucet in the house, starting from the top floor. This will delivery air in pipes and make the process of flowing the pipes smother

Move to the lowest level in your building and open the valve there. This will drain out the water from the top floors

After it, you should return upstairs and turn on the shower valves

Remove all water from the bowls and empty toilet tanks

If you are going to leave the building for a long period, keep all valves in open position.

You should keep no water in the pipes, except probably a few drops dripping from the valves from time to time. That’s all you need to do!

Safety lifehack: it will safer if you will close all hose in toilets and sinks with the piece of fabric or something like that. This will keep your pipes in better condition after a long period of time when you have to fill them again and activate the system. By the way, we know the best way to do this:

Shut the lowest faucet in the building

Then close the valve on the highest floor of the building. This will help the air to stay in the system

Now it’s tun to open the basic faucet and water will back to all pipes

In turn, start to open all valves starting from the highest and wait until water starts to flow from all faucets. Initially, you might see discolored, dirty water, but it’s fine

Open all shower valves

Flush the water in the toilet bowls. It will help to fill the tanks

As soon as you will see clear water, start to close the faucets from the highest floor to the lowest in all over the house. Done. It wasn’t difficult, was it?

You might also save plenty of time and trust this work to the professionals from Excellent Plumbing. We have extensive experience in draining different kinds of pipe system all over Illinois. You can contact our office in Buffalo Grove and we are flexible to drive in any city in Illinois and make your life easier.


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