The sooner the better: 7 reasons to dial the plumber right now

The sooner the better: 7 reasons to dial the plumber right now

It is well known that you don’t think about plumbing until something unexpected breakage happens. For this scenario, we keep at home a plunger or probably some pipe cleaner. But this all we have to handle the trouble.

In that regard, it’s so important to know the situations, when your tools and knowledge won’t be enough. To avoid massive damage, loss of money and time you should know when exactly you should immediately call the professional plumber. Excellent Plumbing office in Buffalo Grove every day receive few “what should I do?” calls. And every time we ask if you can see one (or couple) of next 7 signs

Guggling. If you hear this sound from the toilet bowl, dishwasher to in the bathroom, it might be the first sign of clogged pipe. If your flush toilet guggles when don’t use it, the pipes try to find air. In this case, you should call the plumber and diagnose all the system. If you hear this noise while using a washer, shower or dishwasher, urgently turn off the water until it goes back.

You hear the sound of running water in pipes. If nobody in the building turned on the faucets, but you can hear the water flowing in the pipes, it probably means that there is a leakage. You should examine the building and see some yellow or brown blots on the walls, floor or soffit. The best solution is to call the plumber – it will save you a lot of time and money while finding the leak.

A little clue: Turn off all valves in the building and see if the water-metering equipment is spinning. If it happens, close the water heater faucet and check if the leak and the meter stops. If yes – you stopped the leak and it was on the hot water pipe. Also if you hear the noise from the toilet tank the smartest and costless decision is to call the plumber right now.

Poor water jet

The most common reason for this is the guck in the faucet. You might handle it by yourself, taking off the faucet and cleaning the mud. Although water jet won’t back to normal after it, you probably have more serious issues related to pipes damage. It might be risky fixing it by yourself – dial the professional right now. Experts from Excellent plumbing fixed many pipes breakages in all over Illinois, so you can trust it to us.

Slack discharging

You see that the water in one or each sink in the building drain longer than usual it means that pipes are clogged. The first thing you should try to clean it by the plunger, but if it won’t help call the plumber immediately. Hard pressure on the piping system by plunges can cause massive damage of pipes and cause and water flood in the house

Frost-bonded pipes

Call the professional as soon as you can. Don’t try to fix them by yourself! If you left the water in the sanitary ware system for winter, it can cause the crack on almost every pipe and cost you a fortune to repair it. Qualified professional will help you to avoid exposed pipes. To prevent such situation try to keep the room with sanitary ware warm or remove all water from the plumbing system in winter.

Bad smell of grimes or cerumen

If you feel some odd smell from piping system, vent or sewer pipe probably out of order. It very dangerous as sewers from the defective system might cause if the damage of the whole building.  In general, remember one of the main rules: always call the plumber when you feel the unusual smell, especially…

The odour of the gas

This is the most dangerous situation. If you feel the smell of the gas any time in any room, you should act immediately. Do not forget about it. But now you should call the utility company and not the plumber. Urgently open all doors and windows in the building and do not use any devices that can make a spark (don’t ever turn on or turn off the light). Any spark can cause the explosion. Your utility company probably stop the supply gas to your house, until the leak is fixed, but if worth you live saved.

Don’t forget that the pipes issue might have a significant influence on you and your family. And if you understand that you can handle this, trust the professional and visit our office in Buffalo Grove. We can drive in every city in Illinois and help you to get the problem solved

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