Tips for Electronics Damaged by Water

Tips for Electronics Damaged by Water

In case electronics have been contacting with water it becomes dangerous to use it. Disregarding of simple safety rules may lead to electrocution either in case of turning on such gadgets/appliances or during the usage in case some water is still inside in it.

We are not talking about surfaces cleaning here, but electronics may be damaged by water even in case of high humidity, for example after the flood that was eliminated. More significant effects may be noticed in the case of direct water ingress. Please consider, that in some extra cases (strong flood or sensitive electronic schemes) replacements can be required. Excellent Plumbing gathered a couple of advice for those, who could experience with wet appliances, for details please refer below.


Before you start to take any measures, please consider not a separate damaged tool, but the electricity grid as a whole. The first action to be performed is to turn off the power and ensure your home is fully disconnected from the grid. The only way to ensure you are safe is to ask for help from professional electricians/emergency representative, otherwise, any contact (even simple touch) may lead to electrocution. It is necessary even if power was lost because of the storm, cause generator working at your neighborhood can play a fatal role to you.


Modern technologies and electronics will not keep appropriate working condition after immersion, especially in the case the water is salty if you are living near the coast. This is why it is important to remember the fact it has been spoiled and do not turn it on. Electronics damaged by water and powered up may lead to electrical short, that in turn may lead to injury and fire.


Any tool, gadget or appliance after being under the water, even if it wasn’t fully submerged, should be replaced. Since water got inside all of it became dangerous for use. Be ready to replace:

  • Portable electronics: gaming stations, TV, smaller personal gadgets;
  • Small appliances: air conditioners (as portable as a window), lamps, fans.

Please, consider that all of the described above need special utilization, but not just leaving as trash.

A better situation is with electronics damaged by water, but at the same time have been immersed in the water neither partly no fully. In such cases, damage can be caused by high humidity, for example after a flood or lasting storm, when water that is in the air merges with dust, debris, and other microparticles. Such a dirty mix can get inside electronics and injure crucial parts and schemes of the appliance. As a result, malfunctions and highly probable shorts can appear. Fortunately, turning back to “better situation”, such appliances can be cleaned and fixed by professional services in case fixing objects didn’t submerge for sure.


Willing to save and repair large appliances (refrigerators, dryers and washers and so on) is natural. Excellent Plumbing advice is to consult with specialist firstly in order to ensure the repair the price will not exceed replacing cost. Please be aware, that:

  • it is dangerous to turn on electronics contacted with water on your own.
  • it is hardly possible to repair appliances, that were turned in at the time of water affecting$
  • consider the replacement of not only appliances but whole wiring and its components (fuse, fuse boxes, light switches, circuits and so on) in case severe flood happened at your home. Electrician with a license may not only help to evaluate damage and cost of the replacement but provide you with respective services.
  • All supporting documents and records regarding fixing costs should be saved to provide insurance companies with respective details.



In case the complexity of action required to perform confuse you may also involve professionals. For example, Excellent Plumbing licensed experts. Our specialists will help you with:

  • restoration works;
  • detecting internal reasons for disaster happened;
  • fixing a problem caused flood at home;
  • help with utilizing electronics and other unsalvageable staff (carpets, furniture, paneling, drywall and so on);
  • clean and prepare water affected places preparing them to disinfection and deodorizing (should be performed by licensed specialists as well).

Excellent Plumbing will not only help with “technical” issues but will take care of issues with an insurance company.

We are ready to help in this and other services. Just contact us 847-929-9229 and save your time and money with us!

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