Tips on AC Settings

Tips on AC Settings

Hot summer is a reason for the continuous usage of air conditioners for creating a chill and comfortable atmosphere at home. Although it may lead to additional energy consumed, that should be paid. This is why many homeowners look for a way to reduce these costs. Some choose to reduce the time of the air conditioner is working. And some are trying to find another way to make bills not so frightening. Anyway one of the possible approaches is to select the correct setting for work. So, which is better and economical?


ON mode makes your air conditioner to work constantly for cooling the air. At the same time, it doesn’t consider any certain level of cold at the homeplace, so the cycles have no pauses between them. As a result, more energy is required for AC work and higher numbers are stated in bills. Additionally, it takes more dust from the air on a daily basis, so filters should be changed more often. The higher intensity of AC work leads to more often maintenance work required for keeping AC in good repair.


The AUTO Mode allows setting the desired temperature to be kept at home. So, in case the temperature at home will rise higher, that set at the thermostat, the AC will turn on automatically to cool air. Of course, unreasonably low level of temperature selected for processing will cause longer cycles of AC work and higher numbers in bills. But in case the level of temperature is reasonable there will be pauses between cycles, so less energy will be consumed and fewer expenses will occur. The good idea is also to turn AC off when you are out of home or plan to go sleep in order to reduce energy costs.

Another reason why the utility bill has a significant amount for energy is disregarded tuning. Actually, air conditioners, which are regularly maintained and prepared for the new seasons, consume less energy and have fewer risks for breakdowns.

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