Tips on plunger effective application

Tips on plunger effective application

The plunger is one of the most indispensable tools when we are talking about minor plumbing issues elimination. It is often called “the first helper for a plumber”, although we don’t use it every day. Nevertheless, in a minute of real need you will be not only passionately seeking for it, but truly appreciate it was found. Note, it is not enough just to move it in a problem place.


In fact, before starting to use it, it is necessary to realize a few things:

  • The correct approach will save time and efforts making the process more effective. Couple advises on how to use plunger effectively will be listed below in this article;
  • Considering a place where a problem is located an appropriate type of plunger should be used. There are plungers for toilets and for sinks. Those designed with a shallow cup should be used for sinks, although they can be used for toilets also, but not so effectively. For excellent results on toilet clog plunger with deeper cup should be chosen. It is explained by the fact, that extended cup better suits to the diameter of a toilet drain.

*** First advice from Excellent Plumbing service: the best decision is to have both of them. Firstly, because of the more than affordable price. Secondly, because toilet plunger will not suit kitchen or bathroom sinks. The reason is that the bottom cup gets in the way.


First of all, a plunger will be significantly more effective in case water surrounds the drain hole. Please, ensure there is enough water around the drain hole. In case there is no water, no vacuum will be created and it will become much more difficult to remove a clog.

Second of all, it should be used by both hands. Seriously, you are required to create a strong push.

And finally, push the plunger up and down for couple times and then pull it back taking from the drain hole. These actions will complete the task and push a clog through a pipe and free it from blockage.

Second advice from Excellent Plumbing service: please, care about overflow hole in case of plunging bathroom sink and second sink, if any, in case disaster happened in a kitchen. You may use some special stoppers or rag or even your own palm for it. The main point is to close it, otherwise, no air pressure will be created.

One of the best preventive methods is periodical usage of over-the-counter chemicals, that will dissolve accumulated trash. Please, be attentive to the instruction to it do not hurt yourself or damage your property.

In case these tips didn’t help to clear the blockage, the professional equipment and job are required. You may always call Excellent plumbing service, so we will come and help you with this problem.

We are ready to help in this and other services. Just contact us 847-929-9229 and save your time and money with us!

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