Tips to Keep Air Clean and Breath Better at Home

Tips to Keep Air Clean and Breath Better at Home

Clean air is one of the essential factors for managing healthy conditions at home or working space. You may ask why is it so important? The adverse effect on the state of health may appear in case air was polluted even in an insignificant portion. In case air quality has become worse many people, without dependence on being allergic or not, may feel difficulties with breathing, fatigue, headaches and so on. In the case of air contamination is lasting for a long period of time it may also lead to more serious problems such as heart and vessel issues or even cancer.

***One of the most widespread and fatal delusions is that pollution can relate to outdoor air only. Nevertheless, you may breathe polluted air at home, office or other places where you used to spend time.

Excellent Plumbing is a family business, so the concept of a safe environment is treated as a crucial principle at the work. Installation job, cleaning, filter replacement, and other maintenance services for HVAC systems is not an exhaustive list of help you may be provided with. Excellent Plumbing cares you breathe healthy air, so prepared a couple of tips to enhance the quality of the air you are breathing.


Contamination of air indoors and respectively caused its quality reduction may appear due to numerous reasons starting from the simple high level of dust/pollen in the air and ending by mold. You may be also harmed by pet allergens or their pests, chemicals you are using for your indoor plants, or even gases produced by your stove.

Actually, the highest danger may be hidden in:

  • High level of dust at your place of living/working;
  • Pets;
  • Microparts got inside the duct system of the HVAC.

Appropriate measures directed for keeping duct systems of the HVAC clean are the minimum to be done by homeowners. Such measures, actually, mostly include involving a professional for whole HVAC system maintenance on a regular basis.

Below are the listed main reasons for air pollution inside the premises.

Drafts caused by old windows/doors my result polluted air came at your place. Cracks in frames may provide smokes, gases, allergens, pollen, and other pollution. The best way to avoid such “unwelcome guests” is to keep doors and windows in a good condition and perform all necessary repair works if required.

Dirt brought with inappropriately cared pets, mold, and dust appeared in case of inappropriate cleaning performed indoors.

Chemicals produced by furniture or some building materials. Additionally, cleaning products may also contain toxic components.


Happily, it is possible to clear air and reduce pollution at any comfortable for homeowner moment. Simple steps for realizing that are described below.

Dust is used to be accumulated in carpets, pillows, and sheets. This is why it is highly important to use the vacuum cleaner and washing machine regularly (at least weekly) keeping things described above clean and dust-free. As an additional measure would be useful to keep pets away from the bed.

Mold is another dangerous factor to be considered reducing indoor air pollution. Running a fan/vent after taking a shower for fifteen minutes will dry space and prevent the growth of mold. Additionally, using vinegar & soda & warm water mix for cleaning your pipes will help you to avoid mold near/in sinks, toilets and so on.

Care what comes inside. Be sure polluted air doesn’t come to your place through holes/cracks in windows and doors frames. The good way to prevent the entering of contamination inside from outdoors is to keep doors and windows in a good condition and perform timely repairs, if necessary.

Be careful with the acquisitions you bring at home. Sometimes furniture, appliances, or even mattresses may bring harmful smell and gases at your place. The reason is the “off-gassing” process that relates to the mix of different volatile organic compounds got inside the thing you acquired during the production process and, that is gradually getting outside.

In case you noticed strange smells supporting usage of purchased object, allergic reactions, headaches, difficulties with breath or any other discomfort, you may give to this thing some time for off-gassing. The best decision is to place an acquisition at the garage or free room and wait for a couple of days, while gases will be fully released. As an option, you may ask the store for keeping purchases at the warehouses for a couple of days for the same purposes and then deliver it at your place.

As was mentioned above lots of cleaning products contain chemicals that are significantly toxic and adversely affect people’s health and on the environment. You may find harmful components even in washing powder, air fresheners such as ammonia, bleach, hard flavors and so on. As a decision, you may either buy cleaning products with a minimum of chemicals used or use self-made naturals remedies, as for example, vinegar and soda.

In case you faced issues or have doubts about the quality of the air you are breathing you may always call professionals for help. Excellent Plumbing will provide you with help 24/7 regarding:

  • Removing such pollution as dust, mold, allergens and other harmful microorganisms trapped at HVAC’s ducts;
  • Removing extra wet from your home using humidifiers, so together we will prevent mold appearance;
  • Provide you with actually clean air using UV light for killing pathogens and bacteria;
  • Provide you with maintenance services for HVAC systems.

You may always call us any time you feel comfortable and excellent Plumbing will consult you regarding questions you have.

We are ready to help in this and other services. Just contact us 847-929-9229 and save your time and money with us!

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