TOP-3 Advices for AC Tuning Contractor Selection

TOP-3 Advices for AC Tuning Contractor Selection

Most homeowners are aware of the importance of annual maintenance work provided regarding their air conditioning systems. It allows to use AC longer, save money on repairs and do not have unpleasant surprises during the season.

The amount of companies that offer services for the HVAC system is huge, as well as the diversity of prices for the same work. And sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the correct balance between price, time, experience, the reputation of HVAC-services provider.

In order to help with an optimal decision, Excellent Plumbing systemized common areas of special attention to be paid at. Please, refer below for the details.


Mandatory annual services regarding ACS include:

  • maintenance for checking filters, Freon level and other things to be changed;
  • tuning for making sort of diagnostics in order to identify possible malfunctions.

Each of these are important sides of keeping ACS in good repair. This is why it is important to find an expert with good technical knowledge and an excellent reputation. The last factor is important, because companies, who care its reputation will take responsibility for work performed. As a result, they will give you guarantees that season will not bring you breakdowns, otherwise, they all will be eliminated by the same company for free or with huge discounts. It doesn’t make sense to hire technicians, who will not respond to you in case their work will cause some trouble.

The Excellent Plumbing company considers a family business and we know what means to be responsible. This is why in case your unit was prepared to summertime by our experts, we are ready to fix any malfunctions appeared during the season for free.


Proven reputation and qualification are factors to be considered during contractor selection. Before dealing with somebody check reviews on work already performed. For example, Google, Facebook, Better Business Bureau sites may help you to acknowledge the company better. Reviews of your close people and friends may also help you to select the reliable partner.

Also, important information to be checked relates to how long the company operates and does it have a physical office. Google Maps may help you to check the location and see whether the office is real or looks like an old building used for specifying an address only.


One of the common mistakes is to limit selection criteria to the price only. Although the cheapest service may take away significant benefits and bring serious problems.

For example, technicians with the lower price may refuse you with the cleaning of AC or make it with poor quality. This may lead to breakdowns and respective repairs costs.

Another thing can happen in case of dealing with the cheapest vendor is hidden commissions and fees, that may appear after service was provided. So, as a result, you will pay even more, that the average tuning cost.

Excellent Plumbing is a company that has appropriate experience and provides guarantees all work performed regarding the HVAC system. Additionally, we have flat prices, so no unexpected commissions or complicated calculations may appear regarding any services provided. We care about our clients and we care about our reputation that is in tiny contact with each other.

We are ready to help in this and other services. Just contact us 847-929-9229 and save your time and money with us!

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