TOP-5 reasons to Set Up AC Properly

TOP-5 reasons to Set Up AC Properly

ACS – air conditioning system that is considered as one of the most important appliances at home, that allows having a personal “oasis place” with a comfortable temperature, while the weather outside may be rather hot. ACS helps to keep the air at home pleasantly cool, so meetings with friends or family days/evenings in summer may stay still comfortable and cozy.

Unfortunately, air conditioners are treated as usual appliance systems, that don’t need special maintenance. The usual situation is to use ACS in the summertime and turn it off when hot season left. The only reason to pay additional attention to ACS is some malfunctions detected or not enough frozen air produced by it.

Such an approach gives a risk to wake up in the morning with unpleasant feelings as the result of the heat appearance at your place because ACS stopped to work properly. Some malfunctions may turn your home to an oven, that may hurt not the health only, but bring damage to the house as well. Understanding the important role played by ACS in our lives, Excellent Plumbing proposes 5 good reasons to be considered by homeowners regarding air conditioners tuning.


Tuning is also considered as a preventive measure for breakdowns. That is mainly explained by an accurate inspection of the HVAC system (inside and outside of it) by experts in order to identify “weak” points of the unit, that may lead to a malfunction in a future (up to few months). Such an approach of regular checks allows to eliminate current malfunctions if any, and as the result to avoid sudden breakdowns.

Generally, tuning is the most effective and at the same time simplest way for keeping ACS in good repair and working appropriately during the whole season. Experience of Excellent Plumbing professionals is the key to checking all possible “weaknesses” and quick and effective fixing of them, so you may be confident regarding climate control at your place. Additionally, in order to support and prolong your confidence, Excellent Plumbing provides a guarantee regarding repair works, so the appliance will serve you for a much longer time.


It is an absolutely normal process, when dust/micro-debris are accumulated at surfaces, including surfaces of your appliances. ACS is not an exception, although dust may be accumulated outside and inside of the system as well. The main difficulty in such a case is to clean the air conditioner’s details hidden inside accurately. Actually, such kind of work can be done by professionals only because of the complexity of the mechanisms.

Usually, the insignificant amount of dust is considered as not a big deal. But please, note that in the case of accumulating in the AC system it may cause serious malfunctions because the process of heat exchanges will be affected. The coils are aimed to absorb and release heat in order to change pressure and respectively cool air at your place. Dust will block them, so their effectiveness and efficiency will significantly decrease. As a result, ACS will spend much more efforts and energy on the same work without dust. This is why timely cleaning and proper maintenance are crucial for the energy economy and the efficient functioning of your ACS.


As a result of spending less amount of energy, the amount of money spent on it will respectively decrease. According to official statistics, the average cost of utilities annually consumed from the house exceeds 2k USD, 13% of which relates to air conditioning expenditure. This explains the necessity of keeping ACS serviced and maintain it on a regular and timely basis.


In case the house owner doesn’t care about the AC system it is covered by dust at a minimum. In case it is covered by dust it spends more energy and works harder. Except for the increase in the amount spent on air conditioning, you may have another problem, which will lead to more expenses in the future. The fact is that the harder work leads to faster depreciation, so the useful life of your air conditioner will be decreased respectively. The average ACS system serves up to 20 years with insignificant fluctuations in terms because of different models, the intensity of usage and, of course, quality and frequency of tuning applied.

Considering the cost of the whole air conditioning system and it’s installing it may be one of the most expensive parts of your home. Early tuning may save it from breakdowns and save your pockets from extra costs. Actually, ACS requires a similar attitude as a car, being the complex mechanism that needs regular maintenance and professional care.


It is a usual practice to purchase appliances with a warranty given by the producer. Although to use benefits provided by it, such as coverage of repair works for a list malfunction, some certain requirements should be strictly followed. For example, the most wide-spread warranty requires annual maintenance provided by licensed experts. In case the tuning will be disregard or performed by the homeowner himself the warranty will become disabled.

Involving experts allows to get qualified services and moreover consultations regarding keeping ACS in good repair and warranty active.

Excellent Plumbing is a company with proper experience working 24/7. Our HVAC experts will provide you with all necessary information, including estimated costs of work. You may call us for tuning your ACS or for repair, the result will be the same – properly functioning air conditioning system and confidence in it for a long time.

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