Ventilation as an Important Part of Your Home

Home ventilation is a crucial part of the home microclimate system that allows keeping the air clear from different types of pollution and healthy. It prevents air stagnancy, abnormal humidity, which may lead to mold, and accumulation of harmful microparts in it. 


The ventilation system makes air circulation better, which helps to make it fresh, clean from microparts and at a proper level of moisture. All of these in total increases air quality and creates a healthy atmosphere at home. 


Moisture accumulation is a natural process held inside the house during cooking, showering, and usage of appliances connected with hot water. In case no actions regarding it taken, humidity accumulates at surfaces and walls, then sticking to it and starts to seep inside being there for a long time. This in its turn gives rise to mold, which is, on the one hand, dangerous for adults and can significantly harm children and pets and from the other can significantly damage property.

Major negative effects arising from living in a moldy unventilated environment are the following:

  • Eyes’, nose’s and throat’s irritation;
  • Hard breathing as a result of respiratory damage;
  • Issues with the immune system and as a result frequent fevers;
  • Headaches and exacerbation of autoimmune symptoms.

All of these can be avoided by installation and maintaining an appropriate ventilation system, which will make air move and will make it drier during the movement. The excessive humidity should be fought to safe structures and furniture from destruction, and keep a healthy environment at home.


The best way to provide proper ventilation at home is to combine mechanical and natural types. Fresh air should get inside through opened windows and doors. Even little cracks and holes can contribute to good natural ventilation, although they are not energy effective. At the same time, the mechanical type comes down to applying air ducts, fans and/or whole-home ventilation systems.


A major type of fan used is the exhaust, which is aimed to provide ventilation in the places where it is required at the most. You should use them regularly during taking a shower, another way of using hot water and cooking to prevent moisture and odors accumulation. 


The functioning of this type of ventilation system is based on a house’s air ducts and makes air moving. It consists of 2 parts: exhaust one, which removes stagnant air from home and supply actually provides fresh air at the house.

It may be useful to check that all venting holes are not blocked by furniture or carpets and may provide air unhindered. If it was blocked remove the obstacle, otherwise the air will stay indoors, become stagnant and dangerous for breathing and making your HVAC system performance less efficient.

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