Wastewater Classification

Wastewater Classification

The situation when waterflood happened appears suddenly and without announcements. This is why important to realize what actions to take and apply measures as soon as possible. Types of these measures directly depend on wastewater flooded type, so please refer below for a guideline.


An unpleasant type of flood with the highest rank of danger you may have is Blackwater because it consists of urine, used toilet paper, feces and comes from bidets or toilets. Additionally, such human waste may join food waste from sinks or dishwashers.

The main danger of Blackwater is an abundance of bacteria and harmful pathogens and microorganisms and the concentration of chemicals used before. All of it can be easily absorbed by carpets, furniture (soft and wooden as well) and even drywall.

It is prohibited to have any contacts with Blackwater because it may intoxicate you and cause illnesses through skin contact and vaping as well. So in case, you detected Blackwater flood at your place the wise decision is to contact professional services, as for example Excellent Plumbing working in the Chicago area. Experts have not only required skills and experience but professional equipment for handling such type of disasters. Another benefit – is fast arrival and immediate actions taken.

In case raw sewage flood happened you deal with Blackwater.


Graywater contains dirt and doesn’t contain any fecal. The main sources of Graywater flood are bathtubs, washing machines, sinks, and dishwashers. Pathogens contained in Graywater are not so concentrated, so basically it can be also reused in some technical purposes, like for example flushing. Although even an insignificant amount of pathogens together with dirt and rests of chemicals may cause illnesses in case of direct contact with Graywater.

Graywater floods may be a result of nasty weather with snow melting and heavy rains, problems with appliances and plumbing, and of course in case of broken pipes and may also be absorbed by furniture, walls, and carpets.

This type of water damage can be handled by your own in case you have appropriate equipment for personal protection – masks and gloves at least. Direct contact with such type of water flood is prohibited, so children, old people, people with weak immunity and even pets should be kept out from the place of damage. In case of a huge flood, it is recommended to involve professionals for help, because in case the problem and water will not be removed in 2 days Graywater will turn into Blackwater.


In case some appliances were broken clean water flood may appear. It is not dangerous as Gray or Blackwater and will not bring any harm to the person in case of direct contact for a while. You may handle clean water problems by own efforts. But the main thing to consider is time – 2 days later even clean water will turn into more dangerous Graywater.

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