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Leak Repair Services For Your Home’s Plumbing

All people cherish home comfort and want to feel safe and provided in their dwellings. Unfortunately, unexpected water supply system breakage can happen all of a sudden, and the first thing to do is to call leak repair service. If left undetected, water leaks pose a threat to you and your family members. Water leaks under the floorboards, stones or tile cause mould and mildew outbreaks which lead to respiratory diseases. Water leak can also produce cracks in the foundation challenging homes stability.

Water is the most valuable resource on Earth. Around 400 liters circulate around an average home every day. We use it for everything, washing the dishes, taking a shower, flushing the toilet, even heating and it’s water supply system to handle it all. There are a lot of pipes hidden underground and behind the walls and, regrettably, they can be damaged for different reasons. Sometimes it’s accidental physical intervention like drilling the wall or damage conditions can be natural like blocking the pipe by the tree root. Inside water leaks like dripping tap or leaking toilet are obvious, but others can be left undetected.

If you’ve noticed that you’ve been receiving higher water bills recently, but nothing at home is leaking, the reason lies behind the scenes.

Pipe Leak Repair

New built homes develop basement water leaks within 10-15 years. The leaks can have different reasons, sometimes basements leak due to cracks in the walls which appear because of natural conditions as the basement is surrounded by the ground and it causes pressure on the walls. Sometimes the reason for the water leak is a damaged pipe. Such leaks are difficult to notice if people don’t drop in the basement often, thus, it is dangerous. Even a small amount of leaking water can cause irretrievable harm to the walls and floor. 

Once you have noticed a water leak in the basement or suspect it’s there, call water leak repair services in Wheeling IL  and  Buffalo Grove IL. The plumber team will detect a leaking place and take precautions depending on the leaking reason. If some pipe hidden in the wall is broken, they will detect the damaged pipe and fix it. If the basement floor or walls are leaking due to natural conditions like cracks, the team will just seal them.

Kitchen Leak Repair

In comparison to the basement water leak, the kitchen leak is easier to notice. The tap may produce frustrating dripping noise, your slippers can suddenly become wet because of loothe water supply connection, a little puddle can appear under the fridge and you may notice a hole in a pipeline. All the issues should be addressed immediately. Calling a plumber, you’ll not only get rid of a leaking problem but also receive full instruction on how to prevent water leaks in future.

How much does it cost to fix a water leak?

The price for water leak repair services depends on the very issue, number of workers and utilities involved to fix it. As for 2022, the average price in Illinois varies from $125 to $350 for small jobs and $650-$800 for larger jobs. Usually, the price for leak repair is negotiated before the work starts.

Water Leak Repair Services price

Water Leak Repair – 100.00 $

Why Should You Repair Plumbing Leaks Immediately?

In most cases, water leaks should be addressed urgently and are often costly. Once any plumbing issue appears, make sure you call water leaks repair services in Wheeling IL  and  Buffalo Grove IL immediately. Some water leaks like leaking tap or sink cannot be left untouched as they are disturbing the home residents, but inside wall pipe leaks usually aren’t detected at once and don’t disturb the family members that much. Despite being “mute”, leaks are a real issue. There are several damages uncontrolled water leaks can cause:


Wall damage

Usually, a little wet spot is considered not a big deal, but it’s the tip of the iceberg. Such water leaks can cause a wall wreckage which endangers home’s strength.


Floor damage

Similar to wall damage, a water leak can spoil your floor. Once you’ve noticed a pale spot on the floor or detached tile, call the water leaks repair services immediately, otherwise the issue is going to worsen.


Mold issue

The unpleasant blue-green spots on the walls are not only unattractive to look at, but also dangerous for health. Mould damages airways and is the root to many other health conditions.


Water bills

Unnoticed pipe damage leads to uncontrolled water leak resulting in huge water bills. If you see that the bill is suspiciously high this month, there’s the cause of it behind the walls. Don’t hope the leak to disappear itself, it won’t. Call water leak repair services as soon as possible to save both your dwelling and extra expenditures water leaks may cause.


Suspect you might have a water leak? Don’t hesitate to call Excellent Plumbing at 847-868-1800 for full water supply system diagnostics.

Choose Excellent Plumbing for Water Leak Detection and Repair

The quality of service you choose is the quality of life you live. Knowledge is power and our experienced plumbers have all the required expertise to detect and fix water leaks. Well-qualified workers will not only fix the damage quickly and thoroughly but also save your costs by preventing water leaks in future. That’s why it’s crucial to call professionals when a water leak issue appears. 

The motto of our company is: “Make it never leak again”.

Our plumbers will do their best to repair the leaking pipe as soon as the call of alert comes in. They will also walk the extra mile to give you full instruction on how to avoid leaking pipes in future. Thus, it’s important to hire dedicated professionals to take care of your water supply system.

We operate in numerous locations in Illinois, specifically North Shore and Northwest suburbs of Chicago. It doesn’t matter if you live in the very heart of Wheeling IL or Buffalo Grove IL, if you are looking for plumber service near me, our pros will help you out with any water pipe-related problem in Bannockburn. Check out where we work so you won`t miss outstanding support.

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