What Kind of Water Contamination Can Be Caused by Flood

What Kind of Water Contamination Can Be Caused by Flood

Flood as itself is a highly dangerous appearance. There is no significant difference where did it happen, did suffer your own basement or it was caused by weather events and affected you too. The only way to protect yourself and close people from possible negative consequences of the flood is to “know your enemy”. Excellent Plumbing prepared brief facts in order to describe the main types of the flood, possible compositions of it, how does it affect people and how to protect health.

Basically, types of damage taken from water flood may be divided into two types: physical and chemical. The first type includes mediated effects caused by water. For example, electrocution or drowning. The second one relates to the composition of the water flooded and how the contact with it may injure health. Using composition criteria, it is used to divide flood into 3 types, 2 of them usually appear at home (clean water flood and Graywater flood) while the 3d type may appear both at home or outside is a result of storm or hurricane.


What does it contain: no significant pollution or dirt. Actually, it is not used water caused by overfills or leaks.

What type of harm can it bring: in case of a timely reaction, it will not injure or have any other adverse effects on people’s health. Also as an additional measure of safety, you should not contact it for a long time.

Source: the problem could be caused by little breaches in the work of appliances, although such ordinary things as snow melting or heavy rain can also be a reason for clean waterflood.

Can you clean it by yourself: yes. This type of water damage can be removed and dried on your own.

Can it be reused: yes, although it should be used for technical purposes only, for example for toilet flushing.


What does it contain: dirt. It is also called sullage, because of the color and high portion of dirt in it. Share of fecal is insignificant, although dangerous chemicals may be included in its composition.

What type of harm can it bring: vapors and smell are certainly not useful. In spite of an insignificant portion of pathogens, it becomes really dangerous to contact with it without protective clothing and moreover to taste Graywater. In the case of breaches of these rules, serious illnesses and intoxications can be induced by it. It is also highly recommended to keep away from the problem place people, who do not have protective equipment, especially children, old people, and pets, because they all may have weak immunity to resist infections.

Source: generally, Graywater is represented by wastewater. This is why it can appear from washing machine/dishwasher or showers/sinks/bathtubs or broken pipes and so on. Also, it can be caused by weather events the same as clean water.

Can you clean it by yourself: yes, but a person, who will clean the place should wear protective equipment. The minimum is respiratory mask and gloves from the rubber. Pay special attention and surfaces, carpets, walls. The Graywater can be absorbed by them, so thorough cleaning or maybe even replacement of these things may be required.

Can it be reused: yes, same as clean water, but with more caution.

Please, note 2 important things regarding both Clean and Graywater:

    48 hours’ rule. In case Clean or Graywater flood consequences haven’t been removed, cleaned and dried in 48 hours they will become more dangerous.

    An extensive flood cannot be removed by one inexperienced person. The best decision would be to involve an expert in order to stop the flood and to remove damage after it.


What does it contain: dirt, chemicals, fecal, human waste are in the place of BlackWater flood. All of these together create all conditions for pathogens and bacteria appearing and multiplication.

What type of harm can it bring: the substance called Blackwater is full of microorganisms, that can induce serious illnesses, intoxications. Even short physical contact may cause an adverse reaction from your organism. It is much more dangerous than Graywater because of the higher concentration of harmful bacteria.

Source: Blackwater is a result of faulty toilets or defective bidets; this is the reason for the fecal portion in its composition. Although it can appear from all sources described for Clean water and Graywater, including natural disasters.

Can you clean it by yourself: it is extremely dangerous to handle the Blackwater flood by yourself. The correct choice is to call professionals as Excellent Plumbing, in order to clean and remove all effects.

Can it be reused: in no case. Actually, Blackwater is prohibited to discharge into the environment before harmful bacteria and pathogens will be decomposed.

All in all, in case you are not sure what kind of water contamination you are handling with it, is also recommended to call in a special service for plumbing experts.

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