When The Time for AC Repair Came

When The Time for AC Repair Came

The air conditioning system is a serious acquisition that costs a lot. At the same time, an average system is expected to serve for more than fifteen years and sometimes up to twenty years being maintained at least yearly. It is natural that as the closer the end of the explosion term is as more frequent breakdowns happen and the more often repair works are performed. The experienced technician’s involvement may help to avoid the replacement expenses, but give your ACS a second life.

The diversity of breakdowns existed excludes the possibility of any universal repair. Anyway, Excellent Plumbing experts prepared the most often problems that can be resolved for sure. For details please refer below:


It is a common scenario when AC’s fans are working, although its condenser doesn’t react at attempts to activate it. It is impossible to determine the true reason without inspection performed by an expert, mainly due to the diversity of possible reasons: starting from issues with thermostat and ending by simple debris inside the equipment. Therefore, the technician involved will either fix the breakdown quickly or determine the serious reason requiring serious measures.


The sound of a wind produced by fans is a normal sound of the working air conditioning system. Although in the case of rattling noise appearance there is a strong probability of either broken or breakaway part. In case loud unusual sounds occurred the best decision is to fix the problem as soon as possible, otherwise, exploitation of broken equipment may lead to much more serious and expensive malfunctions.


Sometimes there are no observable issues regarding air conditioner work, although the air dispersed is not cold or at least cool. As the process of cooling happens in the condenser, it is rather probable that the problem is hidden there.


Ice on air conditioner may appear in case of accumulation of debris in vents or filters. That looks weird, but that is more important any works cannot be performed while ice is on ACS. This is why the air conditioner should be turned off and ice should melt before the professional will start the work.

Excellent Plumbing provides services regarding any time of repairs required. In case you have doubts about the reasons for malfunctioning, but not satisfied by the effectiveness of your tool, call Excellent Plumbing and we will resolve the issues.

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