Why Cleanness of Grease Traps Is Important in Restaurant Business

Why Cleanness of Grease Traps Is Important in Restaurant Business

Traps for grease are well-known tools not only for restaurant personnel but for anyone. But exactly restaurant personnel know that specific smell appeared because of the combination of high workload and irregular cleaning. Lots of countries have specific local legislation regulating the frequency and quality of cleaning of the kitchen’s traps. In order to help you to avoid the smelly problem at your kitchen, Excellent Plumbing recommends purging traps at least once per 2 months. Although, a couple of other reasons for such meticulous exist and are listed below.


The main purpose of the grease traps is to obstruct the sewer system from grease drops. Otherwise, drops may lay and mix with dirt and create a significant clog. In case of traps were not maintained well, the accumulated grease may leak deeper into the restaurant’s sewer system, where it will cause problems described above, so repairs may lead to unpredictable expenses and closure of the restaurant until everything will be fixed and cleaned.

Additionally, in extremely neglected cases grease with garbage may get into the city’s sewer system and lead to its overflow. In case investigation will find that initial reason came from your place you may be imposed by significant fines.


Grease is pernicious for animals and causes pollution. It can be also caused by grease from traps, that is very seldom cleaned, especially in case they are not covered outdoors. The main point is not only to save birds or animals from getting into a trap but to protect the trap from the rain. If too much water will be accumulated after the rain it may leak down, so the grease will get into the environment through down storm drains and cause pollution.

Additionally, even in case of traps are situated outdoors the restaurant is still under the risk of contamination from the inside. The less dangerous but unpleasant side of irregular or seldom cleaning is that grease together with food waste creates a favorable breeding environment for bacteria. As a result, you may find awful odors. The most dangerous is the fact, that a mix of food waste, grease, and water together can turn into sulfuric acid. Besides the toxic smell, this acid may significantly damage a trap affecting concrete and steel.

So actually, regular maintenance that will include cleaning, covering outside and pumping water out will save not only the environment but money for the repair of a trap.


In order to reduce the amount of grease got into the trap, you may also regularly clean grease machines. To perform cleaning once per week is rather a burden, but it helps safe traps from impurity and save time for cleaning it.

In case you faced with problems on any stage of grease traps maintenance you may always contact Excellent Plumbing for help or consulting.

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