Winter Preparation of Plumbing Situated Outdoors

Winter Preparation of Plumbing Situated Outdoors

A lot of U.S. citizens face the issue when the heat is suddenly changed by cold weather. Such changes often don’t leave any time for seasonal preparation. Although there is a way to prepare your plumbing systems to the cold weather, while it didn’t come. Excellent Plumbing offers you a few useful tips to apply in order to be prepared for any weather changes.


Outdoor faucets should be regularly checked on leaking. In case the problem was found it is recommended to call professionals as soon as possible to catch before the onset of cold weather. Excellent Plumbing will help you to fix leaking in short terms.

In case the problem will be disregarded it is quite possible, that the leaking faucet will be frozen together with the accumulated water inside. Until cold temperature will be changed by heat nothing will happen. But as soon the water in drip will melt, as soon water flood may happen and spill you home very quickly. Water damage can be easily avoided by 2 simple steps: frequent checks and professional help in repair works.


When The leaking problem was checked and resolved, if any, you should make sure no water in your pipes left. As was mentioned previously any water in pipes may be frozen in cold weather, expended, and as a result, can burst or break the pipe. All you need to do in order to prevent it is to turn off the valves inside your home, which leads to faucets located outside. Then turn on drips and wait until accumulated in pipes water will move out. When you will ensure no water left in pipes turn off the drips.


When step 2 is completed and no water left at your outdoors pipes you should care your drips before cold weather comes. First of all, take off the hose from hose bib and take it away to a warmer place. Prepare insulation for a faucet. If you don’t have it, it may be found in any hardware store together with a guideline for its usage for a couple of dollars. Apply insulation for covering your plumbing system situated outdoors and saving it from low temperatures.

In case you faced concerns on any of these 3 steps you may always call Excellent Plumbing and we will help you to resolve your issues.

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