Need in a new toilet installation can be caused by lots of factors: a new place of living, need to replace old one, repairs in a bathroom and so on. The process became more complicated because of significantly expanded variants of toilet models proposed in our days. Sometimes the choice of the important “tool” may become a serious issue considering new features and opportunities which depends on the model of the toilet. Excellent Plumbing proposes you a list with key characteristics description relating to different types of toilet models. Please, refer below for details.


Two-pieced toilets are the most widespread according to low price, installation services, and simple repairs if required. As you may already guess it consists of 2 separate parts: the tank and the bowl, that are connected to each other in a time of installation. They used to occupy more space, have significant weigh and make installation complicated to one person.

Comparatively newer models are One-Piece toilets. They do not need to much space, looks more compact and modern and don’t use too much water for flushing. This is why the price is higher for One-Piece toilets. The best places for installation are children’s or guest’s bathrooms. Additionally, it is much easier to clean and they are situated lower to the ground.


One of the main advantages of floor-installed toilets is its costs and simple installation. It is explained by the situation of waste pipe under the floor, so it is being widespread among average households.

Except hanging on the wall difference between Floor and Wall-Hung is going to absent tank, just bowl, and button for flushing. They have a higher price and mostly met on commercial premises. Additionally, installation on Wall-Hung helps to safe space, because there is no need to find a place for the tank. However, significant difficulties are also connected with bowl absence, additional payment to a plumber may be required for its accommodation. The mechanism of Wall-Hung is connected to bathroom pipes, so in case of breakdowns, it may be difficult to make repairs to the inexperienced property owner. In fact, except high price for this model, the price may be higher considering installation and repair costs.


Gravity-feed toilets mostly relate to the two-piece floor standing models described above. The mechanics relates to the flushing process when water from the tank flows down to the bowl taking the waste to the pipes situated under the floor.

The approach used in Pressure-Assisted models works in a different way and are also separated by two types: Flushometers and exactly Pressure-Assisted.

Mechanics of Flushometers is based on the pressure of raw water, while Pressure-Assisted models use air under the pressure to push waste to the drain. It is common with flushing in the toilet on the planes, with a specific whooshing sound, that is explained by significantly less amount of water used, comparing to standards gravity-fed toilets.

In spite of higher price for Pressure-Assisted models comparing to Gravity-Feed ones, it is fully compensating by a significant reduction on utility expenses due to water saving mode. This should be considered as a significant advantage for those, who care about the economy.

Although some possible negative factors should be also considered. For example, using Pressure-Assisted Models can be a loud process during flushing. In a case the bathroom is situated near other spaces, where guests or close people are used to spend time, it can be an issue.

We also cannot keep silent about the case happened a few years ago with one famous brand of Pressure-Assisted Toilet producer. There was a recall of consignment because of air tanks rupturing, which caused external tanks to explode.

Considering all of the above mentioned, eco-model without excessive noise should be reviewed as a variant. Dual-flush models should be a good example of such toilets. They have two buttons for flushing: one will cause strong water flow for removal of the significant waste left in a bowl, another will give lower flow with less water and less pressure, which brings the significant total economy on utilities due to water saving.


The difference between comfort and standard height on toilet installation is 3-5 inches. First one will be situated at 17-19 inches high and the second one – at 14-15. It may look like difference is insignificant, although higher toilets will be more comfortable for people with limited physical mobility or even for  an average person after the hard working day.


When it comes to the form of toilet bowls it is all up to personal preferences. Although some people used to thing elongated one is more convenient, round one can occupy less space and will suit better in little bathrooms.


Nowadays, the functionality of toilets is not limited to the form and mechanisms. Actually, you may have toilets with unusual and convenient features such as heating seats, hands-free flushing systems, implemented internal bidet function, overflow secure systems, self-cleaning and deodorizing and just additional lighting for night usage. Although, these technologies are widespread in Japan, sometimes it can be difficult to use it in our conditions due to the necessity of electrical outlets.

Considering huge amount of variant, that is complicated to choose between and moreover complicated to install, professional help may be required. Excellent Plumbing is always ready to consult you on appeared questions or help with toilet installation.

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