Hints from the Licensed Electrician: Electric Bill Reducing

Although typically people don’t like to have excesses in any expenses occurred, it often happens that the electrical bills paid can be much lower. The professional team of electricians from our Service that works for a long time at several locations including Elk Grove has deep expertise in commercial and residential electric jobs. They prepared useful tips and guidelines in order to reduce costs for the utilities of our clients. Following the licensed electrician tips for reducing electric bills listed below, you may achieve not only money-saving effect but environment-saving too.


There are obvious and known steps in order to stay energy-efficient, for example, use only energy-effective appliances, install solar panels and so on, although, they may require more significant replacements. Below you may find smaller changes to be applied in order to reduce amounts for energy in the utility bill.


Led lamps are used to consume less energy, produce more light and serve for a longer period of time compared to standard bulbs. You may choose from the diversity of sizes and colors to be compliant in the general style of your place.


In case your electrical provider proposes the decreased cost for electricity during certain hours, for example, at night or in the early morning, it would be wise to run most of the appliances required much power during the working cycle in these hours. Money could be also saved by using the abovementioned appliances being loaded at full, so more capacity would be used and less time would be in general spend being in the active mode.


Significant movements in temperature set affect the electrical strain, so more energy is supplied. Keeping the thermostat within a certain range of 2-3 degrees may help the conditioning system to consume less energy while it is operating.


There are at least three places to be significantly insulated: doors, windows, and…water heaters.

There could be a significant heat loss even via closed doors and windows, in case they are old and have a couple of little cracks, Proper insulation may help to stop these losses and to shorten energy consumed for heating.

At the same time, water heaters used to consume a lot of electricity during the operating cycle. So to lengthen the gaps between cycles you may use insulation that will help the device to save heat for a longer time and reduce the electricity expenditure.


Filters used in air conditioning and ventilation systems are aimed to gather debris and dust. In case they are clogged the appliance needs more power to move the air. Timely cleaning/replacement of filters on furnace, dryer, fridge and HVAC system may help to reduce electricity bills.


Take for the rule to turn off the light in the room when you leave it. It is wasteful to maintain light or electrical appliance turned-on in case it is not used at the moment. Take for a habit to check whether light was off in the place you are leaving.


Some hobbies, like for example TV shows or playing video games require a lot of electricity to be consumed. Sometimes reading a book, having some hobbies outside the home and just walking may lead to cost-saving on electrical bills and help you to keep you in a good shape, in case the sport would be chosen.

In case you require more clarifications or noted some unusual electricity spend to contact our licensed electrician for tips for lowering your electric bill or request the direct inspection and further issue solution. Trust the professionals! We are ready to help in this and other services. Just contact us 847-868-1800 and save your time and money with us!

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