The HVAC (heating, ventilation and air condition) systems have long entered our lives and become an integral part of our home comfort. It is almost impossible to imagine modern buildings nowadays without this technology.

And this is the reason for the continuous improvement and further development of these systems. Consumers’ demand is rapid growth, so the market cannot just standstill. And thermostat’s evolution is probably the best example of innovations speed in HVAC technology.

From year to year thermostats were changing. The first generations were manual dial, but now we already have programmable and even smart models. And this new type of thermostats is gaining more and more popularity in houses and commercial buildings.

The main point in creating new advantages to the HVAC systems is to increase their efficiency, both performance, and energy, and smart thermostats help to achieve this goal. Moreover, they became more user-friendly than their previous versions. So let’s take a look at them more carefully.


Smart thermostats also are known as Wi-Fi or wireless thermostats, or just as their branded name. It means that on a supermarket shelf or in an online store catalog you can find them with different names, but they all are the best options for cooling and heating energy conversation in the building as for today.

The previous generation of thermostats was programmable. It means that users can set their individualized schedule of temperature taking into account their understanding of the climate needs of the household. A smart type of thermostat went even further. In a short period, it remembers users’ temperature schedules, as well as preferences and habits in ventilation. It helps smart thermostat to create the optimal cooling/heating and ventilation program, which will increase a household’s level of energy savings and provide users with maximum comfort.

Based on the fact that many manufacturers are competing with each other on the HVAC technology market, all of them try to include some additional features in their model of the thermostat. But in any case, the most useful from them are the following:

  • Totally wireless. Wi-Fi technology already made our life easier in many spheres and the turn of heating, ventilation, and air condition systems have come. Nowadays you do not even need to touch your thermostat to work with them. Special online portals, that help to control and regulate thermostat even when the user is far away from the house, are already available on portative devices, such as smartphone and tablet;

  • Energy consumption statistics, which is available online on the thermostat’s portal. This function helps to analyze the tendencies in energy consumption by the HVAC system with further recommendations regarding its reducing;

  • The monitoring system that is aimed to notify homeowners regarding potential system breakdowns. Different malfunctions may lead to additional energy spends, so these notifications are an important part of timely maintenance and repairs required by the HVAC system;

  • Geofencing, which allows connection of thermostat with your gadgets for better understanding your geolocation and respective climate management. As the result, the system understands the approximate time of your arrival and is able to prepare the home for it, making it cozy and comfortable, warm or cooled depending on the season, in one word – perfect.

  • The option of integration together with devices for indoor air quality control, so not only the temperature is considered, but the whole microclimate creating the perfect environment comfortable and healthy.

Features Available at Smart Thermostat

Modern technologies make upgrades to the thermostat functions and proposing something new each year. The best choice will be based on the compliance of features, preferences, and integration with already installed at your home equipment. One of the optimal solutions is provided by:


Ecobee is one of the leaders at the smart thermostat market, which proposes a huge variate of options for being applied at home. The main competitive benefit is eco mode, which allows shortening excessive energy consumption to the minimum required.

The EB-STAT-02 Smart Universal Thermostat models offer 4 heating and 2 cooling modes, which adjust the indoors temperature 24/7. The wireless connection makes the control over this thermostat easy and convenient because it can be done via any gadget remotely, however, the model also equipped with a colorful interface.

The EB-SMARTSI-01 Smart SI Thermostat model is equipped with a data Rhythm option, which is aimed to make intelligent temperature adjustments. The system sends reports to the IQ portal, where it can be found by the user for further analytics on system performance, possible malfunctions and maintenance required.


This time of smart thermostats allow it to consider the personal schedule of homeowners and preferences regarding the optimal temperatures, so automatically adjusts the existing conditions to preferred ones with the minimum energy consumption. It also uses the Geofencing option to prepare the house for your come back.

Old Thermostat Utilizing

If you have become the happy owner of the smart thermostat you must be concerned regarding the way of utilizing the old one. It cannot be just taken away together with the rest of the garbage because it may contain mercury, so it is dangerous for the environment and your family’s health.

As there were no competitors for and it was the lead material for thermostats before the creation of electronic model major old thermostats contain it. As mercury cannot be utilized, it requires special approaching, like, for example, recycling or reusing. Be careful, because certain states protect the environment from inappropriate mercury utilization at the legal level. So the only decision is to request your HVAC systems provider for help. The reason is that many of them are connected with the Thermostat Recycling Corporation, which has already collected and safely recycled more than 2 million of old thermostats.

So please, pay attention to the importance of appropriate utilizing of old thermostat models! 

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