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All homeowners and the local municipalities are concerned about the problem of replacing main sewer pipes. Each system sooner or later becomes obsolete and needs to be updated. But when it comes to choosing reliable materials and their professional installation, you need to contact proven companies. On the one hand, the replacement of sewer lines has a high cost. On the other hand, a completely dysfunctional sewer line means that the whole wastewater system in the house will be down. Toilets, sinks, showers, and baths should be taken care of.

When you contact our company to provide services of repair or replacement for your sewer line, we will make a full estimate. This estimation will include the cost of digging a trench with earthmoving equipment and actually the cost of replacing the main sewer line.

How Much Does It Cost to Dig Up and Replace Sewer Line?

On average, the cost to replace main sewer line ranges from $ 2,500 to $ 25,000 per trunk line or from $ 50 to $ 238 per foot of sewer line being replaced. However, the exact cost depends on many factors and is determined after reviewing and familiarizing ourselves with your system. The price of main sewer line replacement depends on the following factors:

  • The structure of your house and where the connection to the central city sewer line is located. (This directly affects the duration of the line repair).
  • The degree of wear and tear and types of damage to the sewer system in each particular situation (the cost of repairing or replacing a small gap in the main sewer line will be much cheaper than a complete replacement of the sewer line).
  • The need to remove tree roots (this can cost approximately from $ 100 to $ 600).
  • The method used to make the sewer line replacement (traditional methods $ 4,000 to $ 1,000, trenchless methods $ 6,000 to $ 12,000).

So after the initial diagnosis with the help of professional equipment, you’ll find the causes of the failure and discuss which of the necessary measures are suitable for you in detail. Afterwards the plumber will inform you of the most favorable option and expedient type of repair work, as well as the costs of our services. This will save you time and money and troubleshoot problems. However, it is necessary to report problems as soon as possible in order to carry out repairs, and don’t have to perform a complete replacement. Then the repair will be fast and won’t require many resources. Usually the cost of work includes the price of materials and labor expenses (from 45 to 200 dollars per hour).

The length of piping

The length of your pipeline is chosen most according to your situation to minimize unnecessary material use and choose the most profitable way to lay a sewer path. We design the pipeline in such a way as not to incur unnecessary costs. In case one of the sections fails, you’d have easy access to the breakdown spot to eliminate it quickly. We also agree on schemes in accordance with all technical and safety conditions. We have no problems in implementing the plans.

Main Sewer Line Replacement Services price

Main Sewer Line Replacement – 100.00 $

The piping material

With scientific progress, a lot of reliable and affordable materials to make pipelines from have been developed. Each of these materials has its pros and cons. We recommend using one of the following materials for a sewer line replacement:


Pipes made of such materials are universal, affordable, light, and resistant to blockages. However, in the context of environmental friendliness, this material isn’t a good option because it’s toxic. There are also limitations in possible size variations and the variant itself is unstable to deformation.


Pipes made of such materials are affordable and universal. They can withstand both hot and cold water, are easy to install, and can be used together with other types of pipes to construct complex parts and sections. Although it’s essentially plastic, the material is sensitive to ultraviolet light and therefore isn’t suitable for external use. It’s also not the safest material, because over time its constituent substances which are carcinogenic are washed away and can get into drinking water. For the latter reason, pipes made of such substances are banned in California.


Pipes made of this type of plastic are durable, resistant to low temperatures, and easy to install. Therefore, they can be used for sewage and are flexible. However, they might deform after long-term contact with hot water and under sunlight.


Pipelines made of this material are very durable, have good characteristics, are resistant to high pressures and corrosion, environmentally friendly. and many types and categories of pipes can be made from this material. However, this material is expensive and can not be very flexible, so its use indoors is limited in some situations.

Cast iron and galvanized pipes

This species is obsolete, previously common in use. Cast iron pipes are strong and durable, resistant to high and low temperatures, and do not conduct much sound. However, due to the strong tendency to corrosion, such pipes have become obsolete.

The method used (conventional or trenchless)

Conventional methods of sewer lines replacement and repair are rather time and labor consuming and involve quite some digging and excavation. This goes along with the higher costs for such a repair. As opposed to that, trenchless main sewer line replacements are less invasive and quite reliable. If a trenchless method is used, main sewer line replacement cost will be much lower than by traditional repair. They are also known for their long-lasting effect and can serve till 50 years. Trenchless repairs use modern technologies to fix sewage issues such as:

✓ pipe lining and reinstatement

✓ pipe bursting

✓ sectional point repair

The plumber you hire

Our company specializes in this field of services, hiring plumbers from our company, you will not have problems and will not overpay for the excess inspection time. In our companies, plumbers will quickly contact the contractors to replace the main water supply system in Wheeling IL  and  Buffalo Grove IL and describe the whole situation that you will have and its cause. Therefore, the main sewer replacement will take place quickly and without unnecessary time and financial costs.

Causes of Sewer Line Damage:

  • Simple clogging or sewage. This fully or partially blocks the pipes so that the pressure in the system increases. As a result, you may have problems in the house, for example you won’t be able to empty your toilets and showers. However, the pipes may also be damaged in some cases. In this case the repair of an incomplete pipe section, which is much cheaper than a full main sewer replacement, must be added to the pipe cleaning.
  • Worn and old sewer pipes. Any material gets worn out over time, metal corrodes, and plastic becomes brittle due to irreversible chemical processes. Therefore, even if your sewer system works properly, you need to monitor the expiration date of the materials.
  • Problems in the congestion of the highway. In the case of outdated planning of the lines’ system and its insecurity, you might consider checking your own sewing lines to avert potential problems. If your neighbors experience problems and re-install the system, a pressure difference will be created and your sewer area may also be affected.
  • Trees and shrubs with a large root system. The roots of trees and other large plants often cause pipe damage. Large old trees growing near sewer paths might develop huge root systems and it can be difficult to understand directly that this causes problems.

The following tools will be required to replace the main sewer lines:


Trench Pliers


Marking paint










Tape measure


Goggles, Respirator


Pruning Shears



The following tools will be required to replace water supply or sewerage lines in an apartment or house:










Tape measure






Goggles, Respirator


Pencil, Marker

When does homeowners insurance cover your sewer line?

Conventional insurance policies cover the cost of damages when it is proven that the damage was caused by another party. For instance, those are unqualified repair services or uncontrolled natural disasters. The full list of such conditions is listed in the insurance contract. You also need to bear in mind that the contractor company for a limited period of time also guarantees serviceability after main sewer line replacement, maintenance or repair work. Therefore, if the relevant work of sewer line replacement has poor quality or defective materials have been used, you have the right to demand their replacement or compensation during the warranty period.


If you have any questions about the main sewer line replacement cost for a homeowner and replacement service or want to schedule them, contact our managers and they will guide you through the intricacies of this process. Call Excellent Plumbing today! 1-847-868-1800

Common Wheeling Sewer Problems:

Wheeling’s climate is diverse, with low temperatures in winter and high temperatures in summer. Therefore, you should choose such material for sewer line replacement that will be resistant to high and low temperatures. In addition, flooding has occurred frequently in Wheeling over the past decade. Therefore it is necessary to choose tight pipelines which will be steady against corrosion.

Main sewer line should be replaced when it makes itself felt, namely when you can observe the one or multiple of the following changes in your yard and house:

  • Strange sounds resembling gurgling when using the bathroom.
  • Lack of water in toilet tanks.

  • Problems with the drain function in the bathroom.

  • The smell of sewage or excessive humidity in your basement, in the yard or in other places near the sewer.

  • Excessive soil moisture or yard around the laid sewer line.

If you notice at least one of these symptoms, it’s necessary to call the master or to Wheeling main water line replacement contractors. The specialists will check what your problems are related to. Then, if necessary, they’ll test the tightness of sewer pipes and determine what kind of problem is observed (pipe clogging, minimal pipe damage or pipe rupture). In the first two cases, repair work is carried out fairly quickly and is affordable. In the case of pipe rupture, you’ll have to replace the whole pipe or its part, depending on the failure and its cause. This will require more time and materials. 

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